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Media Mastery with ValorExcel

Optimize Your Presence: Choose ValorExcel for Seamless Podcast and YouTube Development

At ValorExcel, we seamlessly enhance your business's presence through expert podcast editing, meticulous production, and strategic publishing. From refining audio quality to crafting engaging visuals, our services cover every aspect of podcast and YouTube content creation. With ValorExcel, your brand benefits from professional hosting, social media integration, and ongoing podcast maintenance, while YouTube content receives top-notch video editing, channel setup, and strategic publishing. Elevate your online presence with our comprehensive solutions tailored for maximum impact.

Podcasting: Choose Which Option Is Right For You


Are you interested in simply recording audio on your phone and have ValorExcel do the necessary editing to ensure that the file matches industry standards for streaming? If so, this option is for you!


Don't have the time or ability to record yourself? If not, ValorExcel can coordinate recording at your location or ours. We can also provide editing that includes integration of music and the option of having us provide a voiceover in order to introduce you to your target audience.


Want ValorExcel to handle all the production aspects of your podcast, from initial recording and editing to actual publication? If so, we can provide all of the necessary setup on your podcast hosting site, as well as provide social media integration, weekly streaming reporting, and ongoing maintenance of your hosting account.

YouTube: Choose Which Option Is Right For You


Are you interested in shooting video on your phone and turning over editing to ValorExcel? Elevate your content effortlessly with our services, as we provide basic editing and seamlessly integrate any additional audio or video clips you provide, ensuring a polished and professional final product.


Transform your content with ValorExcel's advanced video and audio editing. Our package includes captivating titles, 'video in video' editing, background music, special effects, and meticulous audio cleanup. Choose us for a visual and auditory experience that surpasses industry standards.


We offer a hassle-free YouTube experience, handling everything from primary filming to publication. We create a unique YouTube channel, design a standout banner, and craft an engaging auto-play video for first-time visitors. Trust us for the entire process and receive insightful weekly analytics reports for informed and controlled audience engagement.

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