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How ValorExcel Services Work Together

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The Process

People who are ready to make big changes in their personal or professional lives are perfect candidates for a Power Hour. First, the client meets with ValorExcel staff to assess their needs and develop a plan to help them reach their short and long term goals.


From there, we introduce them to our digital ValorExcel School. Online learning is a process which combines elements of traditional in-house learning with the benefits of digital content. Class participants can navigate through modules at their own pace, and several classes provide quizzes to test the student’s understanding of the information presented in the course.


Classes cover a range of topics such as how to set healthy boundaries, money management, how to get a job, how to be a better parent, retraining your brain to get rid of toxic thinking, and how to move from crisis to thriving. Our one-on-one sessions help clients learn more about their unique personalities, talents, and abilities and how being in their optimum environments can help them be successful in life.


Next, we encourage clients to enroll in our personal development coaching program. Coaches support goal-setting and personal growth strategies as well as work to improve the client's self-esteem, social competence, ability to avoid problem/high-risk behaviors, and to reach their fullest potential.


When clients experience mental health difficulties and are not yet linked to a therapist or mental health service provider, coaches offer an immediate connection to Potomac Community Services (PCS) who meets with them to discuss a range of service options available. PCS then creates an individualized care plan based on the strengths and specific needs of the client and/or family. They utilize a multidisciplinary approach for client care by coordinating with psychiatry, therapy and other pertinent members of the client’s team to ensure the maximum potential of success.


PCS also assists with transportation to mental health appointments and securing entitlements that are necessary to improve the client’s daily living. At the same time, ValorExcel's staff continues working with the client to resolve their short-term crisis needs by confirming that the chosen service is appropriate, adding or changing services, negotiating to resolve existing problems, and providing relevant resource tools and information as needed.

If the client is a domestic violence victim or abuser, they can enroll in the ASPIRE program which is a partnership with Citizens Assisting and Sheltering the Abused (CASA). CASA is an organization that provides professional support services to people who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse, and rape. Programs and services are designed to help these individuals and their families to heal and to move toward safe and violence-free lives.


Since many of CASA's clients are in need supportive services, ValorExcel has created a program tailor-made to address that need. Through positive interactions with ValorExcel and CASA staff, clients enrolled in the program will begin to transition from crisis to thriving.

Special emphasis is placed on helping the client to re-discover their worth and potential in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Clients make a personal investment in obtaining instruction and guidance from ValorExcel to help chart their own course forward. In turn, personal development coaches work with the client to determine practical next steps toward self-sufficiency.

If the client is a business owner or manager, the coach can also assist and guide them in running a business by helping them clarify the vision of their business and how it fits in with their personal goals. Business coaching is a process used to take a business from where it is now to where the business owner wants it to be. We instruct business leaders on how to operate in excellence and take their operations to the next level. Our goal is to help them work smarter and not harder. Or, we can do the work for them.


Proactive business owners seek to understand why reaching business growth goals is important to them personally, and the impact it will have on their life. After all, the business owner ultimately determines the speed and passion in which the goal is met (if ever). If it is not linked to the business owner’s personal dreams, goals and plans for themselves, there is no burning reason why getting to that business goal is critical.

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