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Our Background

We provide proven strategies to help people THRIVE in life and business.  Not only do we provide coaching and online training to help individuals reach their goals, but our team of entrepreneurs and management professionals provide specialized coaching, instruction and development options targeted to each organization's specific needs.


We bring business, nonprofit, and church management experience together for maximum results. Many of us have established our own successful businesses (both for-profit and non-profit) which makes us uniquely qualified to know the challenges and obstacles that others may face along the way.


Our corporate chaplaincy program can also assist the employees within your organization who have concerns or struggles relating to marriage, parenting, finances, legal complications, depression, substance abuse, or other job and life stresses. 

Meet The Team

Lori Wriston CEO VAlorExcel

Lori Wriston


focusing on business/nonprofit development and training

Mark Appenzellar Dir of Content Development ValorExcel

Mark Appenzellar

Director of Content Development

focusing on executing and overseeing content strategy

Michele Sheedy Creative Director ValorExcel

Michele Sheedy

Creative Director

focusing on branding and marketing, web design and content marketing

Danielle Popp Executive Assistant ValorExcel

Danielle Popp

Director of Business Development

focusing on growth strategies and client satisfaction

Alan Smith Personal Coaching Coordinator ValorExcel

Alan Smith

Personal Coaching Coordinator

focusing on life coaching and 

program coordination

Beverly McDaniel Workplace Chaplain

Beverly McDaniel

Workplace Chaplain

focusing on assisting businesses and employees during crisis situations

Mac Caldwell Business Coach and Trainer ValorExcel

Mac Caldwell

Business Coach and Trainer

focusing on financial strategies and

business coaching

Tori VanReenan Business Coach ValorExcel

Tory Van Reenan

Business Coach and Trainer

focusing on financial strategies,

bookkeeping and record keeping

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