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Xcel Launch

A Start-Up Accelerator for Small Businesses

What is a Start-Up Accelerator?

Starting a company can be an intimidating process for the first-time entrepreneur or nonprofit director. There’s a lot of hard work, self-discipline, uncertainty, and obstacles -- some critical to the success of the enterprise itself.

Over the last decade, founders and startups have turned to business incubators and accelerators to scale their business. The concept makes a lot of sense for entrepreneurs or early stage founding teams that want to leverage a defined process for success and transition to a sustainable enterprise. 

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The Xcel Launch Program is committed to helping you start, run and grow your small business.  We charge a monthly fee which is all inclusive and provide a full-scale range of services starting with management training, office space and other amenities.  We welcome you to come and tour our training center.  If you decide this would be the place for your business to THRIVE, then you'll sign an agreement with us.   Contact us today for more information!

Watch the video to find out why small businesses, nonprofits and churches need a program like Xcel Launch to help them reach their

short and long-term goals

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