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“Chock full of practical steps and solutions. Strategies backed by biblical principles are engaging and provide a path to thrive by completing the Action Steps. Highly recommend this read to be devoured over and over again!”


A book by Valor’s Executive Director, Lori Wriston…

You Were Made to


7 Strategies to Move You from

Crisis to Thriving

You Were Made to Thrive offers seven proven strategies to help individuals and organizations move from crisis to thriving.



• Allowing Yourself to Dream

• Developing a Roadmap for Success

• Finding Your Passion

• Choosing the Right Support Team


Wriston writes from her own personal journey in living out the principles in the book as well as from her over 25 years of experience in business, nonprofit and church management. 

Available now on Amazon in paperback or Kindle version.


You Were Made to THRIVE
Goal Setting

Are you trapped in misery?

Paralyzed by doubt and fears?

Feeling stuck and desperate for a better life?


What if you had a plan of action to help you climb out of your current crisis? What if you could learn to dream again?
All you need to succeed is knowledge, a plan and a little help.


We’ve created this workbook as a companion for You Were Made to THRIVE: 7 Strategies to Move You from Crisis to Thriving. We want you to SUCCEED in reaching your goals! Using the tools provided in this workbook will help you plan your pathway to success. Whether you’re working on overcoming a crisis, turning around unhealthy life cycles, or simply trying to achieve your dreams, this guide will help you chart your course and arrive at your desired destination.

Available now on Amazon in paperback.

Oh Crap! Now What?

Shake it off, stomp on it, rise higher

Problems are nothing more than opportunities to prepare us for the future. That's why we must learn to grow where we are planted. It means being content no matter what your circumstances.

Think about seeds. They need the right warmth, water, and oxygen to develop into a beautiful plant. They also have to be planted in suitable soil. Unfortunately, not all seeds make it; many dry up because they don't have the proper environment.

Just like a seed, we need to be in the appropriate setting to grow. Don't seeds grow best when a bunch of crap has been dumped on them? We have to learn to embrace the circumstances we find ourselves in, allow our roots to go even deeper into the soil, and remember that everything we experience can ultimately work for our good. If not, we may stop growing when the winds blow and the rains come.

We all need a way to express ourselves when going through difficult times. When the crap has been dumped on you, you can use this journal to write about your feelings, the lessons you are learning, and the progress you are making. Not only will it help you, but these stories will become an inspiration for others.

Available now on Amazon in paperback